Harry Marah

Web Developer

About me

I'm Harry Marah - a self taught developer

My Stack

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Scss
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Express
  • Solidity
  • Git

Two years ago, I took the opportunity to teach myself how to code and I now find myself eager to embark on a new career. My self-led coding education has given me a basic technical understanding of how digital products are designed, developed, and used, as well as the product development life cycle.

I enjoy the challenge of overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles and finding new, innovative solutions. This personal growth has fuelled a goal to transition my career to digital – and specifically, to work in a fast-paced, ‘user-first’ environment where I can thrive using my diverse strengths and talents.

Having also spent ten years in the hospitality industry in a variety of team and leadership roles, I have developed a strong ‘customer-first’ mindset, alongside excellent organisational, verbal, and written communication skills.

It is this mix of skills, experience and personal attributes that makes me an ideal candidate for a junior role in digital.

As of today, I have enough of an understanding of the fundamentals of building a full-stack, working application to become a successful junior developer. I pick up new concepts and ideas quickly and am a motivated self-starter, having spent the last two years successfully working autonomously. I’m a sociable people person, who works well with others, both as part of a team and in a leadership role. I’m looking for a workplace and team with whom I can flourish, within a forward-thinking organisation who is as invested in my development as I am in theirs.


Hot Desk App

A full stack, CRUD application used for booking desks in a workplace, built with node, express, bootstrap and EJS.

Harry Marah 15th Feb 2022

Current Weather App

A single page react app created using the open weather API that shows the current weather of any location searched.

Harry Marah 19th Aug 2022

Recipe App

I am currently working on is a react app that will find just the recipe and ingredients from a recipe web page

Harry Marah 14th Sep 2022

More coming soon...

I'm working on further projects to demonstrate my skills, please check back soon to see what I've been working on!

Harry Marah Coming soon

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